Baby Boomers, Senior Living and Design

It’s no secret that most Baby Boomers have an affinity for great design. Look at the likes of Apple® or Target®. It’s not just young kids out there running around with Michael Graves Tea Kettles or the latest iPhone. OK, we realize Michael Graves-inspired merch is now licensed mostly through JC Penney’s and that his tea kettle is a somewhat dated example. You get my point. Anyhow, it’s also obvious that the Baby Boomers are driving the growth of the Senior Living Centers going up across the county. And, with upwards of 40-50% of all healthcare-related flooring business being represented by Senior Living Centers, doesn’t it make sense that the design of these Centers matters in a big way? (This is where you nod your head up and down.) We think so, too!

At the nexus of residential, commercial and hospitality industries sits the modern Senior Living Center, designed from the ground up to appeal to these new design-savvy consumers. From acoustic considerations to visual (and textural) appeal, every piece of the design puzzle must fit neatly into place for a property to fulfill this new vision for Senior Living. A designer’s job is all-encompassing to say the least. And, the reality is, there are many flooring options out there. We believe there is room for every kind of choice given its proper application. While we’re not always in the drivers seat when it comes to all the design decisions on a project, we frequently find ourselves analyzing trends in the market to help inform our own decision-making process. Plus, we’re always interested in what our peers are doing nationwide in this space. It seems that several trends are developing in the space and are worthy of consideration.

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